Wednesday, November 16, 2011

VIDEO: A Real Working 3D Hologram

WOW... they finally did it...!
Researchers at Burton Inc is merging sci-fi with reality by bringing 3D holographic displays one-step-closer to our living rooms with their latest 3D Laser Display. The lasers are able to create 50,000 dots-per second at 15 frames per second. What is most amazing about this tech is that the holographic image is 3-Dimensional and the objects are viewed naturally floating in mid-air. 
Burton hopes to improve the laser display by adding color with red, blue and green lasers with 24-30 frames per second... way cool, huh?
Up until now when you saw a hologram it was probably projected onto some sort of screen. Researchers at Burton Inc. (not the snowboard company) demonstrated their True 3D display technology and the results are outstanding. Instead of using a screen, the lasers produce points of light from the plasma excitation of oxygen and nitrogen molecules in the air or water. 

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