Thursday, November 10, 2011

VIDEO: Pirates of Silicon Valley (Watch Full Movie)

Sony may have acquired the movie rights to Walter Issacson's biography of Steve Jobs, but you may not have to wait so long to watch the feature film made of Mr. Job's life. 
The 137 minute film, Pirates of Silicon Valley, by director Martyn Burke, starring Noah Wyle (ER) as Steve Jobs and Anthony Michael Hall (American Dad) as Bill Gates has been said to be a cult classic among Apple fans and the tech-world since its television release back in 1999. the movie trailer below and the 'full' movie at the link below, enjoy! 

Pirates of Silicon Valley (Full Movie a this link)
The film documents the impact on the development of the personal computer of the rivalry between Apple Computer and Microsoft. It spans the time period of the early 1970s to 1997, when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates develop a partnership after Jobs returns to Apple Computers.
I did not want to do an "authorized biography" on either Microsoft or Apple, so we made the decision going in that we would not talk or meet with them. With a team of Harvard researchers, I embarked on a seven-month research project that encompassed virtually everything we could find on the history of both companies, including old technical magazines from the '70s. I intended every scene to be based on actual events, including such seemingly fantastic moments as Bill Gates' bulldozer races in the middle of the night and Steve Jobs' bare feet going up on the board room table during an applicant's job interview. I have two or more sources that verify each scene. -Martyn Burke

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