Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three Player Chess Board

Check out this creative 3-Person Chess board.... this is the perfect way for two people to kick my butt at chess at the same time. 

This isn't just another pretty board design that looks like a pepperoni pizza (yummy).... 
Although, multi-player chess isn't anything new, the Three Man Chess game has pieces that actually function the same as a traditional two-player game, because the creators figured out the game play logistics and protocol issues when designing it. 
While playing on a circular board does introduce some unique challenges and twists, its creators have gone to the trouble of working out all the gameplay logistics and protocol issues. For instance, the pattern of circles on the board which might look like just decorations are actually trajectory lines, illustrating how a piece can move after it crosses the middle of the board, eventually returning to its original position. And so you don't attack your neighboring opponents in the opening moves, an uncrossable three tile moat separates and protects each set of pieces during their opening salvos. 
If you wish to pick one of these up, you can purchase it on Amazon for $43USD... 

via gizmodo 

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