Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Most Expensive Photograph in the World...!

BEHOLD... and let's stand in awe before this photograph. 

I would have to admit it is a pretty cool photograph... but wow is it expensive...! 
This photo of the Rhine River titled "Rhein II" by German photographer Andreas Gursky was recently sold for $4,338,500 making it the world's most pricey pic E-V-E-R...!! 
But it is more than that. For all its apparent simplicity, the photograph is a statement of dedication to its craft. The late 1980s, when Gursky shot to attention, was a time when photography was first entering gallery spaces, and photographs were taking their place alongside paintings. Photography “as art”, at the time, was still brave and new, and the simplicity of this image shows a great deal of confidence in its effectiveness and potential for creating atmospheric, hyper-real scenarios that in turn teach us to see - and read - the world around us anew. The scale, attention to colour and form of his photography can be read as a deliberate challenge to painting's status as a higher art form. On top of that, Gursky’s images are extraordinary technical accomplishments, which take months to set up in advance, and require a lot of digital doctoring to get just right.
Don't know about you, but I'm gonna take some pics of my front lawn and that river down the street while the market is still hot... 

via telegraph

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