Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Worlds' Highest Tennis Court in Dubai.

Seriously... why?

I totally understand that rooftops are prime real state in crowded cities where amenities such as tennis courts can be utilized, but this is just crazy... or maybe I'm just envious knowing I'll never be able to afford to play one set on this court in the sky! 
The fourth tallest hotel in the world, the Burj al-Arab in Dubai, is home to the world’s highesttennis court. Supposedly, no one has measured the exact height of the court, but the hotel is 1,053 feet off the ground, and the tennis court is located very close to the top. When not being used as a test to see if how quickly one will experience vertigo, and when not reminding us of a Penny Arcade miniseries, the tennis court doubles as a helipad.
Check out the video below:

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