Wednesday, October 19, 2011

VIDEO: The Motorola Motoactv

Does this little gadget remind you of anything...? 
Introducing the Motoactv, Motorola's response to the iPod Nano. Like the Nano, the Motoactv sports a small square touchscreen of similar proportions. It features a built-in music player, fitness tracker and even connects with your mobile phone via bluetooth. It even has a wristband accessory to allow it to be worn like a watch. 
Moto also did Apple one better with some much-needed physical controls to help you cut down on the time you spend tapping the screen with sweaty fingers. 
Put simply, Motoactv at first glance is hard to 'not' compare with the iPod Nano, and with a price tag starting at $249... well 'over' the iPod Nano's much lower $129 price, you have to wonder if it is really worth it. 

...would you get it?

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