Saturday, October 1, 2016

VIDEO: Industrial Robot for the Workplace.

Premier robot builders in Utah have developed an impressive piece of robotic-machinery that may make the common fork-lift a relic of the past... 
-Check out a video of it in action below:  

Engineers at Raytheon-Sarcos in Salt Lake City demonstrated a unique set of tele-operated robotic arms attached to a modified Ditch Witch. With no training at all, one immediately meshes with the feelings and actions of the machine. It mirrored everything one does with their arms, wrists and shoulders. As Vice President of Operations Fraser Smith describes, "every way you move, your three degrees of freedom in your wrist, the one in your elbow and the three in your shoulder --the slave arms can move the same way you do." 
This sounds like something out of science fiction, but modern day technology is proven once again that it can bring creative imagination into reality...!  

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