Monday, October 17, 2011

VIDEO: The Amazing Nokia N9 Smartphone...

With all the talk of the new iPhone 4S... we forget there are other awesome phones out there as well... such as the new Nokia N9
What it has that most phones do not is that it is available in different colors and sports a curved glass multitouch screen. What it lacks in comparison to the iPhone, Android and WP7 are the variety of Apps and an affordable price tag. The low-end 16 BG is 480euros/$650 and the higher-end 64 GB is 560euros/$755. 
...the phone comes preloaded with apps like Maps, Drive, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds (lite), AccuWeather, YouTube etc. and you can easily install apps like Foursquare and some nice games from the store, free of charge. 
Although a slick design, I'm curious how the N9 will hold up against the other smartphones that already have a head start such as the Android, WP7 and of course the Apple iPhone. I guess time will tell and like the Windows phones, it's great to see a fresh design appearance and user interface to the smartphone market... 

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