Friday, October 28, 2011

The Typewriter Mobile App

...remember back in the day when you had to type letters on your trusty typewriter...? yeah me neither... 
Well, if you want to reminisce and play around with vintage-tech on your modern high-tech mobile device, you have to check out The Amazing Type-Writer iOS app for your iPhone...! 
Mimicking the old-time clickety-clack of a Remington, The Amazing Type-Writer runs on "micro-swingarms" and the "latest in mobile pneumatic tubes technology." With the app's moveable carriage, users can hack away cryptic ransom notes or lines from "The Shining," displayed on a simulated piece of mimeograph paper. Referencing the original QWERTY keyboard, The Amazing Type-Writer captures the bygone look of typed-over letters with a signature "dead key." 
The Amazing Type-Writer app is now available (limited number) on the iTunes App Store for $1.99... 

via coolhunting

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