Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Super Realistic 360-Degree Flight Simulator (video)

Flight simulator training is a critical tool that all pilots especially military and commercial pilots should go through... 
Barco just unveiled a 'breakthrough in flight simulator technology'. The RP-360 dome is literally a spherical dome display that engulfs the trainee/pilot with 360 simulation visuals. 

The dome is bathed in light from 13 or 14 10-megapixel projectors, which are calibrated by laser to ensure complete crispness in picture. The projectors can also display imagery in infrared so pilots can train for night flights--wearing night vision, pilots actually see the blooming and halo effects caused by night vision technology. 
That kind of realism is critical to ensuring pilots are prepared for real-world scenarios, the company says, and should help launch a new generation of similar simulators designed around a completely immersive experience in which several pilots can actually work together to carry out a mission rather than just run through a set of programmed scenarios. 
...watch the video demo below.

via popsci

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