Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Not Your Typical Nursery/Daycare

Located in Torell√≥, Spain the La Cabanya is a nursery that is unlike any you have seen...
Designed by SAU Taller d'Arquitectura, this modern/contemporary design is not only clean, but energy friendly with an array of solar panels... 

Project description:
The approach to the nursery is on the basis of the land surface separated from the urban park of the same name. This place is chosen because is slighty higher than the elevation level of the rest of the park so the equipment has views of its surroundings.
The program is laid out in three intertwined parts: space for classrooms, management and services, and space for multiple use.

The multiple use space is the main point of the project. It will allow uses like dinning room, winter courtyard, performance hall… At the same time, acts as distributor and receiver/control point of the building.

The roof of this space is totally oriented to south in order to implement a significant number of solar panels while getting the light form the north.

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