Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All Electric DeLorean DMC Announced for 2013...!

DeLorean DMC has slowly been bringing back the 80s ionic car back to the future (so to speak) for some time now. The automaker recently announced and unveiled plans of releasing the car in 2013 as an all-electric powered vehicle (EV).... dubbed DMC-12 EV.
...announcing a partnership with Epic EV to make this "all-electric" DMC-12 a reality. Your Houston New reports that it's rated for 260 horsepower with a maximum speed of 125MPH. 
Wow, and by the looks of the photo above, the redesign maintained the original exterior appearance including its full stainless shell body minus the exhaust on the back... Price not yet available. 

an all electric DeLorean would have changed the entire plot of Back to the Future III....! 


via engadget

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