Thursday, September 15, 2011

VIDEO: Introducing the Dyson Hot.

Remember the Dyson blade-less fan the Air Multiplier...? Well, their innovation team is back at it again with the new Dyson Hot (just in time for Fall!). Just like it's predecessor, the Dyson Hot has a unique air-foil design that multiplies the air force and unlike traditional heaters it does not have the 'burnt dust' smell... 
Not only is the Hot a gorgeously minimal design piece, it's terrifically safe: no exposed heating elements mean it's pretty hard to burn yourself (or your home, down). Air's sucked in through the bottom, heated internally, and shot out, sans fan blades, and will maintain a consistently warm temp using a built-in thermostat. Of course, it'll cost you the value of several other heaters combined: $400 for one. video demo below! 

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