Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Saints Spitalfields London: Chicago Location

 So, I was in Chicago last month and strolled into this clothing store with the most unbelievable interior... It was the All Saints Spitalfields on Michigan Ave... 
I was first drawn in by the exterior window display/facade adorned with hundreds of antique sewing machines. Upon entering, you first notice the industrial quality of the interior design and clothing displays, many of which were fabricated from recycled machine parts... The white-washed brick walls gave the whole interior a sepia tone feel like you walked into an old photograph, while the lighting was contrasted by modern black stage lights... As an added surprise, spread out through the shopping area were iPad kiosks displayed on an antique yet secure easel.... Way Cool! 

Check out the pics below and if your in the neighborhood check it out for yourself :) 

iPad kiosk display

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely evil aura in this store which caters to i-puppets. They might as well place an altar in the store. Please go back to London. Chicago doesn't need your store.

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