Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wacom Inkling = Best Gadget EVER.

This one is for the designers and creatives out there - video below is a Must-Watch! 

Wacom has graced us with their drawing tablets for years, allowing professionals as well as the everyday creative in the ability to 'draw' on their computers via pen and tablet. Today, Wacom has taken it a big step forward with ink-to-digital technology with their latest gadget, the Inkling

Imagine being able to actually draw a design or work of art on paper with a physical ink pen and  then simply transfer it into a vector line drawing instantly. The Inkling is a wireless device that runs on 3AA batteries after a day of sketching simply plug the device into your computer via USB and presto.... all your drawings are tranfered digitally as TIFF or JPG files. 
While there are other ink-to-digital pens out there, the difference here is Wacom's pressure technology. Recording 1024 levels of pressure, the Inkling will capture ever nuance in your drawings. This is how it works: 
• Take the stylus and receiver out of the neat portable box. 
• Clip the receiver on top of any paper notebook and start drawing. Don't worry about space: the receiver can store thousands of pages, according to Wacom. 
• When you are done after a day, connect the receiver to the computer via USB and browse all your drawings, exporting the ones you like to Photoshop or Illustrator or any typical graphic format, from TIFF to JPG. 
Set or release in late September the Wacom Inkling is said to run about $200... Watch the demo video below!

via gizmodo

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