Monday, August 29, 2011

Man Gets a Video Camera Prosthetic Eye.

This one is creepy... 

Rob Spence lost his eye in a shooting accident years back. Technology saved the day once again and filled his optical void with a prothetic video camera...! The device is not connected to his brain or restore his vision. Instead it transmits video signals to a wireless receiver. 
The technology used is the same as in a wireless lapel microphone with a transmitter and receiver. However, the wireless transmits a video signal rather than a sound signal from the tiny camera inside Rob's prosthetic eye. But it records everything he sees, sending what he's looking at in real time to a computer.
He said: "People are going to have the option of having superior arms, superior eyes at some point. "People say no one would ever cut off their own arm and replace it, but if the technology gets there - and it looks like it will - people will think about it. "They might be early adopters." 

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