Sunday, July 10, 2011

RUMOR: Two Totally Different iPhone Models Coming in September.

(fan-made mock up) 

Guess what... there is another iPhone 5 rumor brewing by some very reputable sources. One source, 9 to 5 Mac is reporting that Apple is indeed planning to sell "two totally distict iPhones" in the fall of 2011. One of the models is said to be a cheaper model keeping relatively the same design to compete with the low-priced Android phones. While the other model will be a totally new-design targeted to the higher-end market.
Apple already has two iPhone versions on sale – the last-gen 3GS and the current-gen iPhone 4 - targeting different price points. However, it’s suggested that rather than simply slashing the price of the iPhone 4 to make it the entry-level model, Apple is in fact looking to build a new, intrinsically cheaper to produce model instead.
Perhaps the lower end model will be introduced as the iPhone Nano.... I guess we'll find out in September...!

via slashgear

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