Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Art of Pinstriping by Hand... (video)

This is definitely one job that you shouldn't come hung-over to... 
Below is a video of an artisan from the Royal Enfield motorcycle factory hand painting pinstripes onto a gas tank. 
I'm sure we have all seen pinstriping before, after watching this video you will not see a pinstripe in the same way ever again...!
Observe his technique closely, and you'll notice his right hand—the one holding the brush—moves through space as propelled by his entire body, but it barely ever moves in relation to his body; he locks his hand, arm and torso into a particular shape and keeps it there, using his legs and waist to create slight but precise motion. He then manipulates the tank with his left hand as the brush makes contact. This is like holding your paintbrush steady and moving the canvas around beneath it, and even more impressive because he's doing it in 3D space.

via core77

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