Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steve Jobs Pitches Apple Campus Expansion Proposal to Cupertino Counsel.

Apple Inc. is continuing to grow, not just in popularity with its products, but also with employees and building space. Steve Jobs himself met before the Cupertino counsel and pitched Apple's proposal on expanding their campus into the property formally owned by Hewlett-Packard

The new proposed building is said to accommodate up to 13,000 employees, about 3.1 million square feet in area, the landscape is 5.9 million square feet, the design will double the amount of trees to 6,000 trees and decreasing the surface parking by 90% (most of the parking is underground). 
The property is currently covered by a series of big asphalt parking lots. Apple's plan would increase the landscape coverage from 20 to 80 percent with the help of a senior arborist from Stanford who will help restore some of the indigenous plant life to the property, including the apricot orchards.
The video below shows additional photos of the building's design as well as Mr. Jobs entire presentation to the counsel. I would have to admit the building is pretty incredible looking,  reminiscent of a gigantic spaceship ready to take off... I also found it refreshing to see that the presentation done by Steve Jobs and not some random employee pitching the idea.... It really shows that he cares not only about the company, but also for the employees - Kudos to Apple on that one :)

see video below:


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