Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich

Designed by NAU, the Raiffeisen Bank in Zurich is anything but the traditional bank we are all accustomed to. 
There isn't a hint of wood or ugly patterned carpet in the design at all. The first thing you'll notice is that interior breaks the mold with soft flowing walls with pixelated milled portraits of prominent presidents set within the white walls. 
The bank is not only modern and contemporary, it is also sports state-of-the-art technology that not only makes the bank beautiful and decorative, but also leads a new way of banking in the future…
Advanced technologies make banking infrastructure largely invisible; employees access terminals concealed in furniture elements, while a robotic retrieval system grants 24 hour access to safety deposit boxes. This shifts the bank’s role into becoming a light-filled, inviting environment – an open lounge where customers can learn about new products and services. This lounge feels more like a high-end retail environment than a traditional bank interior.  
Conversations can start spontaneously around a touchscreen equipped info-table and transition to meeting rooms for more private discussions. The info-table not only displays figures from world markets in realtime, but can be used to interactively discover the history of Hottingen, or just check the latest sports scores.

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