Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mac OS X Lion vs. Windows 8.... the battle is ON!

WOW.... only a week into June and it is already a crazy/busy month for computer giants, Microsoft and Apple both releasing their latest operating systems, Windows 8 and OS X Lion
Both Operating Systems are packed with new features. Windows 8 is loaded with 500 additional features and Lion boasting 250. 
...below are two links that breakdown some of the new features along with highlight videos. With all these new improvements, which OS is better? I'll let you be the judge :) 


OS X Lion:


Tor said...

Looks like Windows 8 has some pretty cool features - can't wait to load it on my Mac :)

chet rosales said...

...nice :)

Anonymous said...

Apart from the hardware cost, Mac shatters Windows, and if Macs get cheaper, they'd easily become the most popular OS.

Promotional Products said...

Great post! Thanks for Sharing..Mac is much faster than windows because it uses less system resources and delivers more output. Even windows has a plus point i.e. its can be installed and executed on any system like celeron, AMD, Pentium and I series(i3, i5, i7).
Susan Smith.

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