Friday, June 17, 2011

House Made from a Boeing 747

With all the retired airplanes retired and left to rot in an airplane graveyard, ideas like this one is not only practical but also beautiful... 
On the same lines as the Airplane Hotel, the Wing House designed by architect Dave Hertz takes parts from a Boeing 747 to create the structure and key visual elements throughout the layout. The roof of the house uses both the main wings and the 2 stabilizers from the tail section... incredible, huh? 
Wing house, as a work in progress, has many plans for the implementation of environmental features. The sole fact that an entire 747 is being used to construct a main residence and 6 ancillary structures, is environmentally sustainable in that the material being used is 100% post-consumer waste, and the plane has already been engineered so that additional material and man power are not necessary as they would be if the structure was to be built from the ground up. Solar power, radiant heating and natural ventilation will be incorporated as well as high performance heat mirror glazing.

via techeblog

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beautiful house.. i like

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