Friday, June 3, 2011

The Asus Padfone: Smartphone docks within Tablet.

Asus adds another contender to the Tablet and Smartphone market with their Padfone. This clever device consists of a 4.3" multitouch smartphone that docks inside a 10.1" tablet. The Padfone has dynamic display switching, shared SIM card, single hard drive, Qualcomm processor and Android's next generation operating system. It is set to be released in the fall of 2011 for the price tag in the $800 - $1000 range. 
While specifics are thin on the ground at the moment, the ASUS smartphone will run on the latest version of Android available at launch and have all the functionality we've come to expect from such a device - browsing the internet, checking emails, watching online videos and playing addictive games like Angry Birds. If you find yourself wanting to watch movies or enjoy games on a bigger screen, the smartphone can be docked within the body of the tablet. There's no need to switch off one to use the other, whatever you were up to at docking time will be continued on the bigger screen and if you receive a call while using the tablet, you could either whip out the phone or connect using a Bluetooth headset. 
ASUS says that there will be some sort of shared storage pool in the smartphone part of the device so that users won't have to concern themselves with synchronizing data between the two. This also suggests that the smartphone will likely provide the processing for the tablet too. The tablet, though, will not be a mere dumb terminal - it will also provide extra connectivity ports and some juice for the smartphone's battery.
....Overall the design is pretty cool and a wonderful addition to the 200+ tablets already on the market. 
Let's see how it holds up to the Tablet Leaders - Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2.

via gizmag

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