Wednesday, May 11, 2011

VIDEO: A USB Computer-Stick That Costs $25...!

Game developer, David Braben, has created a fully-functional super tiny USB stick PC, The Rasberry Pi Computer
This sucker is TINY....! Measuring less than 3" in length, it has a USB port on one end (to attach the keyboard) and a HDMI port on the other (to attach the monitor). The technology packed in between is the 'actual' computer that runs a version of Linux.... and it only costs only $25...!
The hardware being offered is no slouch either. It uses a 700MHz ARM11 processor coupled with 128MB of RAM and runs OpenGL ES 2.0 allowing for decent graphics performance with 1080p output confirmed. Storage is catered for by an SD card slot. It also looks as though modules can be attached such as the 12MP camera...
Braben's goal is to get these into the hands of students to get programming education and general learning of how computers work back into schools. His mini-PC will be distributed through the Rasberry Pi Foundation and he hopes it will be readily available within the next 12 months.

via geek

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