Monday, May 23, 2011

VIDEO: 3D Heads Up Windshield Display... 'bout time!

If your reading this, that means you survived the 'Rapture' this weekend and you are now comfortably back at work.... 

Check out the incredible MVS California's Volumetric Heads Up Display which provides the driver GPS directions, traffic notifications and safety information that is conveniently displayed right on the windshield
...using lasers to project images on the windshield in a such a way that gives the illusion of depth. So, if the system is being used to give driving direction via GPS -- its main application, at present -- it can make a turn arrow appear lined up with an exit half a mile down the road. MVS is hoping to get the thing into cars as a premium option in the next few years for around the same price of current high-end navigation systems. 
...check out the video demo below: 

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