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The Osborne 1: The First Portable Computer

Released back in 1981, the Osborne 1 by the Osborne Computer Corporation is considered to be the FIRST portable computer. It had the capability of plugging into an outlet or using the battery pack for power. It was also able to close up be carried around with a built-in handle... they thought of everything!  
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Priced at $1,795 the portable computer had a 5" screen, a full QWERTY keyboard and two slots for floppy disks. In addition it came bundled with about $1500 of free software! 
In September 1981, the Osborne 1 was a huge overnight success reaching $1 millionUSD sales a month. In 1983 and two versions later, the company ran out of money and filed for bankruptcy because serious computer users were getting the new IBM PC... and the rest is history. 

History of the Osborne Computer Corporation

  • 1971: In November, Intel released the 4004, the first microprocessor chip. Documentation manuals were written by Adam Osborne who later founded the Osborne Computer Company.
  • 1980: March - At the West Coast Computer Faire, Adam Osborne approaches Les Felsenstein with the idea of starting a computer company.
  • 1981: January - Osborne Computer Corporation is incorporated
  • 1981: April - Adam Osborne, of Osborne Computer Corporation, introduces the Osborne 1 Personal Business Computer at the West Coast Computer Faire
  • 1981: September - Osborne Computer Company has its first US$1 million sales month.
  • 1982: August - Microsoft releases Multiplan for the Apple II and the Osborne I.
  • 1982: In the first 8 months since its introduction, 11,000 Osborne 1 computers ship.
  • 1983: March - Osborne Computer introduces The Osborne Executive and the Executive II portable computers.
  • 1983: September - Osborne Computer Corp. files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
    Source: Chronology of Events in the History of Microcomputers
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