Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Latest iPhone 5 Rumor: a Curved Glass Touchscreen.

Wow... with the iPhone 5 debut being pushed to September, the anticipation and rumors are getting bigger and bigger...! 

The latest 'coolest' rumor news is that Apple is pushing the design factor once again by implementing a curved glass touchscreen. According to digitimes, "Apple has purchased about 300 glass-cutting machines in preparation for producing curved cover glass for the iPhone 5." 
...highly unlikely for the iPhone 5, but a glass 'pebble' design form may be in the distant future of the iPhone... What are your thoughts?   
-Check out other plausible rumored features in addition to the curved-glass design: 

  • The handset will debut in September, perhaps during Apple’s annual iPod event.

  • The iPhone 5 will have a flat metal back, instead of the glass on the current iPhone.

  • There’s been some debate about near-field communications technology debuting in the next iPhone, to enable wireless payments with the device at stores. However, we’re skeptical because it would first require merchants to be on board with NFC readers.

  • Likely “under-the-hood” changes include the faster A5 processor currently powering the iPad 2, as well as an 8-megapixel camera sensor designed by Sony.

  • The iPhone 5 will become available on T-Mobile and Sprint, according to some analysts.

  • ...If true, is Apple setting a  new design standard in smartphone designs...? 
    What are your thoughts? 

    via wired

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