Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Katameya Height Residence in Egypt.

Located in Cairo, Egypt the Katameya Height Residence designed by Alchemy Design Studio beautifully carries the modern/contemporary flare throughout the interior and seamlessly out into the exterior. 
Alchemy’s Mohamed Fares began his transition from ordinary to extraordinary with the exterior of the house. He accents the basic design with several details; the colours are slightly altered with a neutral grey tone and while this produces a significant effect on the overall mood, it remains in harmony with the rest of the compound. Slate tiles cover portions of the facade, playing a role in the more contemporary window dressings that were also adjusted. Several other elements add to the contemporary feel of the architecture including a shift away from brick complements to wooden strips and linear accents instead. 
Within the house more changes occur, the interior division was restructured to better suit the client’s lifestyle and columns and slabs were used for a more elegant outcome. The main concept was to create a space that integrates living areas but also maintains privacy. The design approach is a contemporary one with minimalistic tendencies and a poetic flair.

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