Thursday, May 12, 2011

Insect Repellent that is 1000x More Effective Than DEET.

YYEEEAAAHH... Summer is just around the corner and I bet we are all set for getting our winterized butts outside... outside with the Mosquitoes..!! 
Researchers at Vanderbilt created a new way of repelling the blood-sucking bug that is 1000x stronger than DEET. The concoction is called VUAA1 and it is also effective against ALL insects such as Ants, Fies and Moths. 
VUAA1 is basically a molecule that triggers the Orco directly rather than the ORs seperately. Orco directly rather than the ORs seperately. Like a sort of universal signal, it stimulates all OR-Orco connections, essentially simulating the effect of all the different receptors on an antenna firing at once.  For the mosquito, this creates sensory overload, like tasting something that tastes like every possible flavor at once. In the presence of VUAA1, mosquitoes basically can’t smell anything, which confounds their ability to sniff out blood or anything else. 

via popsci

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