Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Basketball Cards are not how I remember...

Yes it's true... I used to collect baseball cards and I had A LOT...! Looks like today collectable sports trading cards are evolving from the ones we remember. 

It was recently announced that there are new basketball cards coming out that are packing a bit of digital-tech. These limited edition cards (still made of cardboard) are slightly bigger and thicker than a traditional trading card. Each card has a screen that shows up to 20 minutes of career highlight videos of your favorite player as well as music and voiceovers. Also, the cards come with 2 gigs for additional storage and a charger! 
The cards were created by San Dimas display company Recom Group Inc. for Panini America Inc., maker of trading cards for the National Basketball Assn., the National Hockey League and the National Football League. They will be limited inserts in Panini's Totally Certified Basketball card line, which will include hundreds of traditional cards of active and former NBA players. A pack of five retails for $20 and will be available in sports memorabilia shops around the country.
...are you interested in getting one? They hit the shelves this June.

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