Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amazon to enter the Tablet-Wars with the Kindle Tablet.

According to the trusty/reliable source DigiTimes, there is a a rumor that Amazon will be launching their own Android-based Tablet later this year. The anticipated Amazon Tablet is said to replace the well-known E-Ink Kindle and join the other big hitting multitouch color LCD display tablets such as the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Blackberry Playbook
...the media tablet will feature a Fringe Field Switching LCD display and touch panel from Amazon fave E Ink Holdings, a company better known for the technology behind the Kindle's EPD e-paper displays. According to DigiTimes, Quanta has received the manufacturing honors with production expected to peak at about 700,000 - 800,000 units per month. So yeah, the Amazon Kindle tablet won't be sporting Mirasol display according to this gossip. Then again, it's only gossip so anything goes.

via engadget

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