Monday, April 11, 2011

VIDEO: 3D Mapping Projection used in Advertising - Amazing!

Remember the post we did last October about a 3D mapping projection of a 600 year-old clock tower...? Car manufacturer Hyundai and Vodofone U.K., both recently displayed incredible advertising using the same technology... WOW! 

First Hyundai's incorporated their display by suspending their latest car, the Hyundai Accent off the side of a building. Using six HD projectors to map a 3D augmented reality scene to created the illusion of a 'futuristic, computer-generated cityscape.'
The Vodofone uses their much smaller-scale ad to show the evolution of the mobile phone using the same technology. By spray painting each phone a neutral color white, the 3D projection takes you on a wild trip of mobile phone history as it magically displays dazzling graphics from the first 'bulky' mobile device to the latest 'sleek' and modern phone...! 

Check out the videos below... 

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