Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Using Zebra Stripes as Tracking Barcodes...!

Unless you've been living in a box your entire life.... I'm sure your aware of that scientists and 'tagging animals' for research. This is usually done with a RFID chip inserted under the skin, a tag punched through the animals ear or a collar worn around the ankle of the animal. 
Researchers have come up with a new invasive way of tracking Zebras that will make any local grocery clerk proud... with barcode scanning.
This method known as StripeSpotter uses an isolated portion of the Zebra's body and uses the unique stripe pattern as barcodes. 
Each pixel in the selection is then fully converted into black or white, and the bands are in turn encoded into StripeStrings, which eventually make up a StripeCode that resembles a barcode. All this information is stored in a database that allows researchers to directly identify particular animals without ever having to get too close.
Although this way of animal 'scanning' is specifically aimed toward Zebras, researchers are hopeful this technology will evolve to capture the unique patterns of other wild animals such as tigers, giraffes and more... 

via engadget

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