Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Terrace Mountain House by Dick Clark Architecture.

Designed by Dick Clark Architecture (not to be confused with the TV personality Dick Clark) the Terrace Mountain Home defines and merges contemporary with nature and traditional design seamlessly. The attention to detail is incredible and the ranch style home boasts a gorgeous design with a beautiful view of the landscape to match...
Nestled n a steep site in Westlake Hills Austin Texas, this beautiful house oriented towards a spectacular view of downtown Austin. This house is great example of retreat home design that bring natural material as detail concept. This 4,700 square foot house merges traditional Texas forms and materials with unique contemporary details. DCA designed this house that run on the idea of simply arranged. 
The living area was set on the open plan design, so from living room, dining, and kitchen  accommodates the clients’ desire to entertain while providing a buffer between public and private use. Get inspiring from the arrangement of natural wall design from natural raw stone.

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