Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teleportation of Quantum Information a Reality.

Scientists in Australia and Japan successfully proven the theory of quantum teleportation. They teleported a complex set of quantum information in two different states simultaneously without losing any data in the process. The outcome of this tremendous breakthrough probably won't hit commercial mainstream anytime soon, but the infancy of the research does give a glimpse of how sci-fi is slowly becoming a reality.

How did they do it...?

To do this, the researchers developed a "broadband, zero-dispersion teleportation apparatus" and a whole new set of "hybrid protocols involving discrete- and continuous-variable techniques in quantum information processing for optical sciences," along with some other things that I completely do not understand. In the end, the researchers managed to 'remove' the quantum information from space, and it was resurrected in another place. Not only did the "quantum information" exist in a state of quantum superposition, but the transfer was quick. (hit the link below for more info) 

Although teleportation of a human is deemed impossible, quantum teleportation opens up a whole new world of 'instant' transfer of information across an infinite distance... 
pretty amazing huh? 

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