Monday, April 11, 2011

Saudi Arabia to build Tallest Building: The Kingdom Tower

Seems like last week when we posted about the world's tallest building, The Burj Khallfa Tower in Dubai.... uuhhhh never mind, that was last week. 

Turns out the nation of Saudi Arabia doesn't want to be cast in the shadow of the Dubai tower and recently received the 'green-light' to begin construction of the their Kingdom Tower. The Kingdom Tower when finished will be the world's tallest structure, towering one-mile high (5,280 feet). That's almost TWICE as tall as the Burj Khallfa Tower at an already incredible 2,700 feet...!! The project is set to be located in the city of Jeddah with the price tag of $30 Billion USD....whoah!

Stay tuned for future info as the construction commences :)

 via gizmodo

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picture is wrong, Burj Khalifa has got 828m;/

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