Thursday, April 28, 2011

'The Safe House' ...the perfect Zombie Refuge.

The Safe House by KWK Promes may in-fact be the safest place to retreat if the undead rise and start attacking... 
The first thing you would notice about the Safe House is that the designers wanted it safe and secure, so they had it designed and built completely with concrete. The only accessible entry into the home is via drawbridge, there are movable concrete walls and all the window completely close shut with hinged concrete doors that are over 12" thick... wow!
The interior has a clean and a contemporary open layout with a modern-chic touch. A wall of window panes brings the calming views of nature outside into the high-security living space inside... incredible.

Thanks for the News Tip Leigh R :)
via allthatisinteresting kwk


Anonymous said...

This is a great design, but what about food and water is there like a well or something

carports said...

I am amazed of this design. I like the idea of putting some adjustable and movable windows and doors. Does this house have a garage?

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