Saturday, April 2, 2011

LEAKED IMAGE: Is this the new iPhone 5...?

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So now that the Apple iPad 2 is totally 'old' news... we can now check up on the iPhone5 rumors  ;) 

A reliable source at Foxconn has provided some interesting news on the anticipated iPhone 5... The source states that the design will keep the form factor of the iPhone 4, but will differ in materials and screen size. 
The photo above shows the obvious, a metal backside surface oppose to the iPhone 4 with smooth glass on both sides. As you can tell by the above rendered image, the metal backside is designed to match the look of the current iPad 2. The type of metal we can assumed to be aluminum, but it would be really cool if it is Apple's patented 'Liquid Metal' technology. Either way, the metal back is speculated to act as the phone's antennae. Also the 'home' button is said to be a different shape, Oval. The oval shape will support three functions depending on where you push it (left, center or right). 
It is also rumored that Apple wants to stay in the game with the other smart phones that have edge-to-edge displays. From the looks of leaked iPhone 5 cases, the screen size of the iPhone 5 is rumored to be larger at 4"... while the also rumored iPhone 4S is said to have the same 3.5" screen size as the current model. 

Other rumors state that:
• The iPhone 5 may have a curved-glass touchscreen front... most likely not (perhaps in later models)
• Size of phone will increase to support larger screen dimension.
• The the iPhone 5 will house a faster dual-core A5 chip (to match the iPad 2) doubling the current processing speed. 
• Apple will integrate Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, turning your phone into a digital wallet. This will allow making payments 'with' your phone (like a debit/credit card) even easier.
• the face of the phone may lose the 'home button' and rely on multi-touch gestures instead.
• the cameras are also said to be upgraded to 8 mega-pixels, which is a huge upgrade to the current iPhone's 5 mega-pixel cameras... 
• When the new iPhone 5 comes out it is said that is when the new iOS 5 will launch as well
• Apple's Mobile Me is said to be FREE when the new iPhone comes out as well as their anticipated 'Cloud Service' of iTunes.
• ....many people were disappointed that the iPhone 4 didn't come in White as promised. The new iPhone will most likely be available in white on launch day.

Keeping with Apple's tradition of product launch and pricing, we can expect the iPhone 5 to be announced and released this June/July without a raise in the retail price starting at $199... Although there is a buzz about it not being available until the fall (September)....!!

iPhone 4 next to an upcoming iPhone 5 Case
(notice the size difference)

I guess time will tell :) 
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