Thursday, February 25, 2016

The LAOROSA Archives...!

Hello Readers...! 

Do you know what is better than today's LAOROSA posts...? 
The answer is:  Yesterday's posts. Also, last weeks  posts and others from months to years back :) 

...We have stories of design, gadgets and tech in our archives that are still sure to impress. 
-Check out the Blog Archive drop down menu and the Top Trending Posts on the right hand column. 

-Remember the ATM that sprays pepper-spay or the other one in Dubai that dispenses GOLD..? Catch up on the tech that is developing at Microsoft's Research LabYou think your office and home are cool..? Check out these pics of the Facebook Headquarters and while your at it take a gander at this perfect place to retreat during a zombie apocalypse... Go to the Laorosa Blog Archives on the right-hand column and catch up on the story of how scientists' plan on reverse engineering the dinosaur from chickens or officially cloning the extinct Wooly-Mammoth... and the actual evidence found of alien UFOs in art history..? Also don't forget all the Design-Freebies we like to dish out from time-to-time, like FREE fonts and FREE iPhone/iPod homescreen wallpapers (to name a few)... 

The list doesn't stop there...
Remember to check out the LAOROSA Blog Archive on the right-hand column to discover more posts like these. You can even search for a story using Google's search feature (Search This Blog) also on the right column... 

Enjoy... and thanks again for all your support...!!


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