Thursday, April 21, 2011

GT Tower East

Don't worry and don't adjust your monitor settings.... the building IS in-fact wavy...! 
Located in Seoul, South Korea, the GT Tower East designed by ArchitectenConsort is home to business offices, commercial functions and parking. I really love how the wavy undulating form breaks up the traditional geometric skyline.... pretty cool. 
The GT Tower East will form an architectural unit with the GT Tower West, yet to be built. With its elegantly undulating glass facade, the new high-rise brings a fascinating change to the angular architecture of the Korean capital. 

The form and positioning of the 130-metre-high building are the impressive result of the vision of the architects. They chose a uniform, glass finish for the facade, which has resulted in an organically pure form. The undulating motion of the facades provides an optically changing primary form when passing the building. Combined with the reflection of the light in the glass, this gives the building a special, iconic appearance. The dynamic appearance of GT Tower East is reinforced by the sight of the building, that seems to be dropping down below street level. As it were the building rises out of the Korean soil and then reaches upwards in a dancing movement, up into the infinity of the sky.

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