Friday, April 1, 2011

Gigantic Big-Wheel by Parker Brothers Chopper

Happy Friday and April Fool's Day Everybody...!!

Here is a random story for you... enjoy!
The same group that brought you the Street-Legal Tron Light Cycle has a new one.... the Huffy Green Machine, a ginormous big wheel. Parker Brothers Chopper put a bit more power into it than what you may remember from your childhood. It houses a 80-cubic inch Harley Davidson Evo engine and a really huge front tire... the team is 'going for the Guiness record for having the largest front wheel on a motorcycle trike.
Jeff Halverson (PBC Associate) explained: We had a Green Machine lying around the shop and we figured it would be a cool idea. It rides crazy and is fast as hell. If it wasn’t for the rear tires we could have had it DOT approved.

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