Monday, April 25, 2011

'Cartooned' by Soundofdesign.

Let's start the week off right with a collection of work by soundofdesign... AKA Ty Lettau from San Francisco, California. 
Lettau took iconic characters that we all know and love and 'cartooned' them by following his own clever and witty recipe... 

Below are a few of his creations... hit the link at the bottom to see 'literally' hundreds more...! 

::  The Avengers  ::
::  The A-Team  ::
::  G.I. Joe  ::
::  Horror Icons  ::
::  LOST  ::
:: Mario Bros.  ::
::  Movie Icons  ::
::  Mythbusters  ::
::  NFL  ::
::  Star Wars  ::
::  The X-Men  ::
::  US Presidents  ::
 ::  Animals  ::
::  The Simpsons  ::

Thanks for the News Tip Ty


Anonymous said...

This is GREAT!
I wanna see The Watchmen series :)

chet rosales said...

I agree, a WATCHMEN series would be pretty awesome to see 'Cartooned'.
...are you listening Ty?

Anonymous said...

Call me old fashion, but I'd like to see the Loony Tunes charcters treated in this style. Wonderful work!

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