Thursday, February 9, 2017

Yes, We Have Been Silent For a While... Our Facebook Page Has Not :)

In case you didn't notice, we haven't been posting on DesignJunky for a while... 

Don't worry, we'll get back on it very soon. Until then, we have been actively keeping up with our Facebook posts, so don't forget to check it out and follow us. 

For those of you who aren't already... don't forget to become a Laorosa Facebook Fan...! 

Becoming a fan doesn't just give you bragging rights, it also provides 'additional design news'... along with fun photos and stories. If it's related to Design, Gadgets or Tech... Laorosa has it covered whether if its innovative or ridiculously absurd. 
So don't wait any longer and click the 'Like' button right away....! 
Design is everywhere and surrounds us 100% of the time day or night whether we like it or not.... From the clothes we wear, the buildings we are in, advertisements we see, the vehicles we ride in, the mobile phone in our pockets, the seats we are sitting on and even the music and movies that entertain us... the list is endless...! 
Art & Design is a HUGE part of our existence and greatly overlooked. The LAOROSA Blog is a destination where designers, creatives and like-minded people converge to get the latest news in the design/gadget/tech world whether Innovative or Absurd.... 
-cheers !

....don't forget to support your local designer/artist! 

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