Friday, April 29, 2011

Artificial Nose Proven to Detect Cancer in Patients.

Detecting Cancer in patients is now as easy as stopping to smell the flowers... actually the process is closer in comparison to taking a breathalyzer test if you've had a few too many drinks (not sayin' that's ever happened to me). 
...anyhow, Professor Hossam and his team at the Israel Institute of Technology have successfully built a device that can 'sniff' a person's breath to detect if they have cancer. 
...the Nanoscale Artifical NOSE (NA-NOSE) does consist of five gold nanoparticle sensors linked to software capable of detecting patterns of molecules inherent in the breath of people with head, neck or lung cancer. The NA-NOSE was tested on 87 volunteers, most who had various head and neck cancers, and some who had lung cancer. The NA-NOSE successfully distinguished patients afflicted with head, neck and lung cancers versus those who were cancer free. The device even was able to discern the difference between those diagnosed with head and neck cancers versus those with lung cancer.
Although NA-NOSE produced remarkable results, more testing is needed before the device can be cleared for use in doctor's offices. 
 What is also amazing is that it only needs to sense a few microscopic particles to perform its magical diagnostic. Which means The NA-NOSE is able to detect the cancer in its early treatable stages... pretty cool huh?

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