Thursday, March 31, 2011

The 'Why Knot' Table

This is the Why Knot table by Canadian woodworker Kino GuĂ©rin
What makes it so unique is that it doesn't follow the expected guidelines of a traditional table with supporting legs, cross-bars or supports. The form has natural flowing curves and is skillfully made with a single sheet of ply-wood... BRAVO! 
“To get this overall effect, the panel must be bent further in order to obtain an airy movement, as if this had been done naturally. It must reflect equilibrium between the curve and the straight line, between exuberance and purity. The whole essence of this aesthetic approach can thus be captured at a glance and let one speechless at the sight of this splendid beauty, requiring no props or devices. It is my definition of perfection. I gave myself heart and soul in this approach, that I have made mine, and it is now my guidance. With it, I doubt no more.”

via mymodernmet

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