Monday, March 7, 2011

Why the iPad is Leading the Tablet Market.

Yes it is true... the iPad 2 is in fact coming out this Friday. Question is are you getting one? 
Over the past year since the first generation iPad was released numerous of other Tablets have been emerging taking their piece of the growing market. Whether your an Apple-fan or not, one thing is clear... the iPad 'is' leading the market and many tablets are working hard to keep up. 
The following are three main points put together by Avi Greengart @ slashgear outlining why other tablets are finding it so hard to compete with the iPad...

1. Brand: When consumers are thinking about tablets, they say they are buying an “iPad,” not a “tablet.” The iPad was already the category and volume leader, and the iPad 2 builds on that. In this respect, Apple actually benefits from the crowd of new tablets hitting the market. If there were only one or two strong competitors, consumers would be able to weigh the pros and cons of each offering, but with dozens and dozens of options hitting the market over the next few months, decision paralysis can set in and many consumers will throw up their hands and make the “safe” choice: the iPad.
2. iTunes: The iPad is still the only tablet on the market with a huge digital marketplace for movies, TV shows, and music. Some competitors are taking steps in this direction (e.g., Samsung’s Hub), but iTunes remains a significant competitive advantage.
3. App Store: If all you want to do is browse the Web and check e-mail, any tablet will probably suffice. However, Apple has an enormous lead in purpose-built apps. The Android ecosystem is strong and app availability should improve significantly over time, but the iPad 2 is considerably more versatile than any of its competitors right now, and it appears unlikely to lose its lead any time in the near future.

....what are your thoughts?

via slashgear

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