Thursday, March 31, 2011

VIDEO: The FIRST-EVER iPod Introduction Keynote Presentation and Promo Video.

Apple's iconic iPod has been a standard in the way we listen to digital music since it's introduction in 2001. In fact the brand 'iPod' has since become how we refer to digital music players much like how we refer to 'tissue paper' as Kleenex
Take a moment and re-live a piece of design/gadget/tech history and watch the FIRST-EVER iPod introduction back in 2001 with Mr. Jobs... It's interesting to see how 'low-key' this event is in a much more casual setting and with a smaller crowd compared to Apple's present-day keynotes... 

::  Please Note that music audio in demo is 'muted' because of copyright purposes  ::

- Also, check out the first Promo-Ad made for the first iPod... featuring Moby & Seal.

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