Thursday, March 10, 2011

Student Built - Human Powered Exoskeleton

Although it doesn't compare to Ironman's high-tech suit, the student developed exoskeleton project, Skeletonics is amazing nonetheless...
What makes this project intriguing is that the suit isn't powered with any high-tech electronics or motors, instead the light rig comes to life with human-power alone.
...the Skeletonics is mostly designed to extend the reach of a human's arms and legs, while keeping freedom of movement and dexterity. It looks like it succeeds at that, packing both working fingers that are delicate enough to hand candy to a child and spring-loaded legs that are capable of (hilariously) chasing a criminal through an underpass.
...check out video below (jump to 4:00 for actual demo)

via popsci

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