Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rio's 2016 Olympics: The Solar City Tower.

As an American and living in close proximity to Chicago, I was pretty bummed to find out Chicago lost the bid to host the 2016 Olympics... but when I found out about this incredible piece of design/architecture & awesomeness... I believe Rio will do just fine :) 
The Solar City Tower is one of the first building/structure designs released for the 2016 Olympics. Designed by RAFAA Architecture & Design, the structure generates power via large solar energy during the day and pumped water power during the night... Oh and it's also a Ginormous WaterFall...!! 
RAFAA’s goal is that a symbolic tower such as this can serve as a starting point for a global green movement and help make the 2016 Olympic Games more sustainable. 
The self-sustaining tower for the 2016 Olympic Games is designed to create renewable energy for use in the Olympic Village as well as the city of Rio. A large solar power plant generates energy during the day. Any excess power not used during the day is utilized to pump seawater into a storage tank within the tower. At night, the water is released to power turbines, which will provide nighttime power for the city. On special occasions water is pumped out to create a waterfall over the edges of the building, which RAFA says will be, “a symbol for the forces of nature.”
wow, Wow & WOW...!

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Daniel said...

Now That looks like some amazing architecture, The pictures are not clear but I will keep a look out for this.

make solar panels said...

That view of it poking up through the clouds is a bit optimistic...

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