Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pepsi One-Ups Coca-Cola with 'Green' Bottle Design.

Look Out Coca-Cola...!! 
Pepsi recently announced that they have discovered a way of producing bottles that are petroleum-free and 'indistinguishable' from the current plastic bottles. These new bottles are comprised entirely of vegetable products including switch grass, pine bark and corn husks. Pepsi plans on testing the product on a few thousand bottles in 2012. If  testing proves successful at a large scale they will convert ALL it's products over. 
That could mean a switch of billions of bottles sold each year. Of Pepsi's 19 biggest brands, those that generate more than $1 billion in revenue, 11 are beverage brands that use PET.
"This is the beginning of the end of petroleum-based plastics," said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council and director of its waste management project. "When you have a company of this size making a commitment to a plant-based plastic, the market is going to respond."

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